Ryuudou IsseiRyuudou Issei

Ryuudou Issei
Ryuudou Issei
Original name
柳洞 一成


Fate/Hollow Ataraxia - Ryuudou Issei - Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Figure Collection Vol. 2 - Collection Vol.2 (Toy's Planning)




Ryuudou Issei is the Student Body President of Homurabara Gakuen, and a close friend of Emiya Shirou. Issei often asks Shirou to fix broken equipment for the Student Body to try and reduce save money on the school's bill. Issei and Shirou often have lunch together in the Student Body's office where they talk about what ever comes to mind. His father is the head priest of Ryuudouji Temple, and his brother was a classmate of Taiga and Neko-san. He dislikes Tohsaka Rin and seems to have some sort of fear of females, although he seems to be unusually at ease around Saber. Issei unknowingly tells Shirou that Caster is at the Temple.

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