Kuzuryu FuyuhikoKuzuryu Fuyuhiko

Kuzuryu Fuyuhiko
Kuzuryu Fuyuhiko
Original name
九頭龍 冬彦
Also known as
Chibi Gangster
Ultimate Yakuza
Kuzuryuu Fuyuhiko


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Fuyuhiko is a small, slim boy known for having a “baby face”. Because of his rather childlike build, Fuyuhiko generally presents an overly aggressive demeanor to assert that he is, in fact, a tough gangster. He has dusty blond crew cut hair, with a distinct pair of curved lines shaved on each side of his head. He also has freckles along the bridge of his nose and a birthmark near his mouth on the left side. His eyes are gold, and he has permanent blush marks on both cheeks.
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