Hanamura TeruteruHanamura Teruteru

Hanamura Teruteru
Hanamura Teruteru
Original name
花村 輝々


Super Danganronpa 2: Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen - Hanamura Teruteru - One Coin Mini Figure Collection - One Coin Mini Figure Collection Super Danganronpa 2 Chapter 02 (Kotobukiya)




Teruteru is very lewd and usually can be seen hitting on anyone near him, male and female alike, often to the point of sexual harassment. He can react to the slightest innuendo that surfaces in a conversation. This, along with the fact that he very openly speaks about sexual things he's into, makes the others sometimes feel uncomfortable and grossed out around him. When he is not making innuendos or hitting on someone, Teruteru is shown to be decently friendly and relatively upbeat. He takes great pride in his cooking, insistently telling other people to call him Ultimate Chef instead of Ultimate Cook, as it 'gives off a more urban feeling'. He tries to create an image of a stylish urban person, sometimes even telling lies about his life and acting somewhat arrogant. He is ashamed to talk about his real home in the countryside, even though he loves his mother back at home greatly. He is motivated to work hard to help his sickly mother and make people he cares about happy with his food, though this original goal of his often gets clouded by his desire for fame and fortune. Similarly, he began to focus only on complex and fancy food, even though in reality he deeply loves more simple type of food like the ones his mother made.
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