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The fourth Angel, Shamshel (シャムシェル, Shamusheru), is a massive, arthropod-like creature, with a long cylindrical body, a shovel-shaped head with two eyespot-like markings (but are not eyes), and eight retractable segmented limbs. It also has two short "arms" that project energy whips, which can slice through objects and manipulate them. Shamshel remains horizontal during flight; during combat it raises itself upright by 90 degrees, with the "head" remaining parallel to the ground. Its core is located under its "throat".

Shamshel was engaged by Shinji in Unit 01. During the battle, Unit 01's umbilical cable was severed by Shamshel's energy whips, and Shinji had to fight the Angel on battery power. Ignoring orders to retreat, Shinji inflicted a fatal wound to the Angel’s core using Unit 01’s progressive knife, killing it seconds before Unit 01's batteries expired. The minimal damage to Shamshel allowed Nerv to obtain a near-complete Angel specimen, although no report was ever submitted or published. Nerv was able to recover the Angel's S² engine, which the Third Branch would later attempt to install in Unit 04.

It is named for the Angel of the Morning (昼の天使, Hiru no Tenshi), charged with guarding the entrance to the Garden of Eden, or 'the angel of daytime' Shamshel's name is misspelled as "Shamsel" during Seele's recollection of the Angel attacks up to Armisael in episode 23. In the Rebuild of Evangelion series, Shamshel has been redesigned: the segmented limbs under its head appear to be mobile rib-like structures connected to what resembles an exposed spine. It also has a small bone mask similar to Sachiel's over its head. Shamshel collapsed into LCL when it died. The whip arms turned solid and were the only part of Shamshel to remain. It has also been designated as the fifth Angel instead of the fourth. Shamshel's character designer, Yoshitoh Asari, depicts the Angel as female in omake comics called "Angel Kiss". One of the omake was included in the bonus materials in volume 2 of the official manga.

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