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Ancient Rome (ローマ帝国, Rōma Teikoku), also known as Grandpa Rome, Roma Antiqua, and Roman Empire, is a character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. He is the grandfather to both North Italy and South Italy.

In his first appearance in the Chibitalia strips in the webcomic (later reprinted in volume 1 of the published manga), he is shown as an elderly man with a mustache, and is dressed in a white beret and robe.

In the prologue to the first volume and the first anime episode, a younger incarnation of him is shown, dressed in armor and a cape. He is deeply tanned, and both his hair and eyes are a dark brown. Like his grandsons, he has a wild curl in his hair, but two of them (one on the upper right side of his head, and one on the lower left side). In the earliest color illustration known to exist, he was depicted with green eyes.

He appears once in the story Together with Grandpa Rome to Germany as the younger incarnation, and is shown to have existed that way back in the BC days of Rome (with his older appearance presumably being how he looked in AD).

He was once the great ruler of the Mediterranean Sea and the strongest nation, though none of his grandchildren inherited his success. He is said to have fallen in love with both Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt at first sight, and that he overflows with excitement at the sight of a strong man.

He enjoys cute girls, art, music and food.

Source: Hetalia Wikia hetalia.wikia.c...
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