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Based on eye witness accounts during the infamous 'Amity Incident', a tremendous great white shark was purportedly deemed responsible for an onslaught of attacks during the summer of 1973. The shark was later depicted in the film 'Jaws' released in 1975.

Interestingly there has never been agreed upon as to which name the shark should be called. Fans of the film in general tend to call the shark 'JAWS', which is actually a misnomer considering there were different sharks in each of the four films in the franchise.

The shark in 'JAWS' was subsequently labelled 'Bruce' in reference to Steven Spielbergs lawyer, Bruce Raynor.

However, because the great white shark depicted in JAWS did not appear to look like a standard atypical great white shark, it has been suggested that this shark was in fact a mutated beast rather than a genetically perfect Great white shark specimen. This would also account for its maniacal personality and traits depicted in the film in so far as outward rogue behavior.
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