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Seymour Guado
Seymour Guado
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Seymour Guado is a character in Final Fantasy X. He is temporarily playable in one battle and otherwise serves as one of the game's primary antagonists. As a Maester in the church of Yevon, Seymour has considerable influence over Spira and is a skilled spellcaster and Summoner. However, Seymour uses his power to work towards a sinister end: his ultimate desire is to destroy Spira, believing he will "free" its people from the cycle of sorrow and suffering Sin has trapped them in.

Appearance and Personality:
Seymour is a tall Guado-human halfbreed. He has blue eyes, light blue hair with two long locks similar in appearance to horns running down his back, and a large bang of hair falling over his face. He wears the ornate robes of a follower of Yevon, which are predominantly dark blue with red trimmings and a green sash. The robe above Seymour's waist is open, exposing his chest, and his sleeves fall to partially cover his hands. As he is part-Guado, Seymour's fingers are more pointed than a humans, but not as long as a Guado's fingers. It is not shown if his ears are pointed like a Guado's as well. The veins on Seymour's face are highly pronounced, another trait that was passed from the Guado. Seymour wields a staff in battle, though he is more proficient with magic.

Due to his cruel and lonely upbringing, Seymour has very twisted views on life and death. Due to Sin's continuous, seemingly endless rebirth, Seymour believes as many do that Sin cannot be truly destroyed and will always exist. Because of this, Seymour believes that Spira is a land of death trapped in an endless cycle as Sin dies and is reborn to plague the people anew. He sees death as a release from the sorrow and pain of life, which is why he wishes to destroy Spira, "saving" its people from the cycle of death and granting them release. Seymour's views are only strengthened when he becomes an Unsent, his power increasing dramatically from his mortal life. Though Seymour appears courteous and affable on the outside, this is merely a front to hide his sinister motives, and when called upon he drops the pretenses and reveals his true nature as an arrogant and cruel man. Seymour has absolutely no qualms with killing anyone who stands in the way of his objectives, rationalizing that by murdering them, he has saved them from the pain of life.

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