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Kimahri Ronso
Kimahri Ronso
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キマリ ロンゾ





Kimahri Ronso is a playable character in Final Fantasy X and non-playable character in Final Fantasy X-2. He is of the Ronso tribe. While taller than humans, he is smaller than the average Ronso and has a broken horn. Like all Ronso, he has the Lancet ability which allows him to copy certain special moves from Fiends.

Mostly out of shame over his broken horn, Kimahri rarely speaks to anyone. Whenever he does, he only talks to those he likes and trusts, which is a main part of why he does not initially talk to male protagonist Tidus — he neither likes nor trusts him upon their first meeting. The first time he speaks during Final Fantasy X is following Operation Mi'ihen, when he reminds Tidus — who is shocked to hear Kimahri talk at all — that he must keep a bright exterior and happy face to help brighten Yuna's dark journey. From then on, he only talks when necessary and usually offers helpful advice when he does speak.

As a young Ronso, Kimahri was not well accepted by the rest of his tribe, who viewed him as inferior due to his short stature — despite his height surpassing that of any non-Ronso — and his broken horn. His horn was broken in a duel with Biran Ronso, one of two aggressive young Ronso who occasionally bump into Kimahri during the journey to tease him and give harsh-sounding yet useful advice, the other being Yenke Ronso. Kimahri is usually silent throughout the game because of his shame of bearing a broken horn. In fact, Kimahri swore never again to step foot on his home of Mt. Gagazet due to this, though in the end his devotion to Yuna and her Pilgrimage was greater than his shame.

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