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Tomotuka Haruomi - Yotsuba Yuiko - Final Fantasy XI - Shiva - Comics - Doujinshi - Flossy Frosty (Kyuukou Usagi, Four Leaves Clover)


Shiva (シヴァ) is a frequently recurring summoned monster that usually takes the shape of a blue-skinned woman with clothing of the same color. Her signature attack, Diamond Dust (sometimes called Gem Dust), deals Ice-elemental damage. Along with Ifrit and Bahamut, she is one of the only summons to appear in every main series game from Final Fantasy III through Final Fantasy XIII (although in Final Fantasy XII she appeared as an airship instead of a summon). She also appears in every main series side-story and sequel that features summons, with the only exception being Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.

Although enjoying regular appearances throughout the series, Shiva, like most of the popular summonable entities, has never been given any significant back story, being simply described as the "Ice Queen." She is, however, shown to have a lover named Shivar and a daughter named Shivan in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, although this is the only appearance that either of them have made in the entire series. In Final Fantasy XIII, Shiva is embodied in a pair of sisters called Nix and Stiria.

Shiva has occasionally been shown as one of the more "friendly" summonable entities, only requiring being fought to gain her services in a few Final Fantasy games, and she usually does not display malicious intent when doing so.

Shiva's basic physical characteristics are that of a willowy human female with pale skin and long, blue hair so to invoke an image of ice and cold. This image is reinforced in later summon sequences by the addition of arctic winds, freezing temperatures and large ice crystal formations. Despite the cold, Shiva invariably wears only enough clothing to retain her modesty, along with boots and other minor aesthetic pieces. She carries no weapon, and implements her main Diamond Dust attack with arm gestures, a snap of the fingers, and/or force of will. Later games in the series allow Shiva to carry out physical attacks in the form of kicks and punches.

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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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