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Setzer Gabbiani
Setzer Gabbiani
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Setzer Gabbiani is a playable character in Final Fantasy VI. He is a Gambler who lives on the wild side. He also is the owner of the world's only airship: the Blackjack. In the SNES version he is neutral at the beginning of the war, reluctant to openly oppose the Gestahlian Empire after having made profits from their work. In the GBA translation, which is more faithful to the original, he says the Empire has been bad for his business.

Character and Appearance:
Setzer is a young man in his late twenties. He has long, silver hair, and wears several layers of clothing, all under a black trench coat with a gold lining, though the in-game sprite shows the lining as brown. In the Anthology port Setzer's face is shown in an FMV to be badly scarred, and his skin to be very pale.

True to his notorious hobby, Setzer cannot resist a gamble; he thrives on risks - such as his planned abduction of Maria - and bets, and will never pass up an opportunity to prove his skill. Most of his scars actually come from gambling sessions gone wrong, although some also come from airship accidents.

There are also aspects of Setzer's character that fit the "ladies' man" archetype (such as his willingness to gamble his airship for Celes Chere's hand in marriage), which were exaggerated in his Kingdom Hearts appearance. Setzer acts like a happy and likeable person up front, but in reality he is still shell-shocked about losing Darill. He hides this, and distracts himself with gambling to forget the loss of his childhood sweetheart.

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