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Saiteihen no OtokoSaiteihen no Otoko

Saiteihen no Otoko
Saiteihen no Otoko
Original name
Also known as
Scumbag Loser




Yamaguchi Mikoto - Saiteihen no Otoko - Comics - 2 (Square Enix)Yamaguchi Mikoto - Saiteihen no Otoko - Comics - 3 (Square Enix)Yamaguchi Mikoto - Saiteihen no Otoko - Comics - 1 (Square Enix)


Saiteihen no Otoko (literally Scumbag Loser) is the story of Murai Masahiko, a youngster who considers himself to be fortunate for one simple reason: he's not the absolute lowest scumbag loser in his class. There is exactly one person below him in that regard, and there's such a wide gulf separating the two of them that he feels that things will never change... until that scumbag loser gets a girlfriend, leaving Murai in a pinch. Murai shows the picture of a girl to his class, claiming this is his girlfriend. The next day, a girl, claiming to be that person appears in class. But, that's impossible... since that girl had been murdered several years ago. Now, in order to maintain the fiction that he has a girlfriend, and not the lowest scumbag loser, Murai must do whatever this mystery girl says... even as evidence is mounting that she is in no way human, and may in fact be a man eater in the darkest sense of the word...
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