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Mitsuzuri AyakoMitsuzuri Ayako

Mitsuzuri Ayako
Mitsuzuri Ayako
Original name
美綴 綾子


Fate/Stay Night - Mitsuzuri Ayako - Bottle Cap (Spring)




Mitsuzuri Ayako (美綴 綾子) is a character in Fate/stay-night in Year 2 Class A. She is a stellar athlete, and captain of the archery dojo. Ayako and Tohsaka Rin actively compete to see who will be the first to snag a boyfriend. In Fate/Stay Night, she is victimized by Rider or Caster early in the story and later found unconscious in an alleyway. In the anime, Ayako is seen with Shinji after her disappearance, although Shinji denies it when asked by Shirou. Ayako often asks Shirou to come to the archery dojo and watch them practice.

Ayako forms a team with her classmates Himuro Kane and Sajyou Ayaka competed in the Homurabara School's ball games tournaments in a match of sepak takraw. They faced Emiya Shirou and his classmates Ryuudou Issei (who managed to gets both teams disqualified) and Matou Shinji.

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