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Emperor Ganishka
Emperor Ganishka
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Emperor Ganishka (ガニシュカ大帝) was the supreme monarch of the Kushan Empire, based both visually and spiritually on the Indian kingdoms of old. He was one of two brothers, sons of the past king, and as a child he witnessed his mother poisoning his brother, as she favored him over the other. His father was assassinated soon after, and he became ruthless and paranoid as a mean to survive the constant backstabbings, allegiance shifts and treachery of the courts of his kingdom. After becoming king, he waged wars continuously, establishing himself as a ruthless warlord and a powerful leader. Nevertheless, he took a woman from another country as a wife, who bore him a son which, ironically, tried to have him assassinated. It was in his desperate grasp for life that Ganishka became an Apostle, thanks to a Behelit donated to him by a fakir who later became one of his confidants and sorcerers.

An imposing and intimidating man with a large black beard which concealed an innaturally large and menacing grin, he was the one who managed to make the Kushans rise again into a powerful empire after years of struggles. However, while other monarchs, like the king of the Midlands, ruled their kingdoms through politics and were lauded by their people, Ganishka enforced a domain of terror. He was an uncommonly brutal man who, while praised for giving prosperity to the Kushans, was also loathed and especially feared, even by the ruthless Bākiraka, exiled assassins led by Silat, due to his exceptional cruelty.

In his apostle form, Ganishka transforms into a towering humanoid shaped cloud; thus making him immune to physical attack and allowing him to hurl lightning at his enemies. However, Schierke figured out his weak spot was right between the eyes, the location of the astral core body that is vulnerable to weapons with strong spiritual presence, such as Guts' Dragonslayer. Griffith later exploited another weakness he had in his mist-like form, that of how his body can simply be scattered by the wind. An uncommonly powerful sorcerer, he was said to be invincible and set himself aside from the other Apostles in that he didn't seek Griffith, instead making him his most hated enemy, declaring himself to be Emperor of all. He had his sorcerers, notably Daiba, the same fakir which gave him the Behelith long before, build a massive monstrosity from Apostles' bodies sewn together, so as to create his own army of monsters and beasts through the abomination, and his sorcery allowed him to create a gigantic avatar of himself made of lightning.

Having conquered Midland following the King's death, Ganishka sees himself as the rightful ruler of the world and thus rejects Griffith's claim as leader of the inhumans. After turning Wyndham, the capital of the Midlands, into his demonic base, he covered the city with dead bodies, heads, piles of skin, and viscera, turning it into a city of horrors filled with monstrous beasts and perpetually covered by mist. Ganishka next turned his attention to the Holy See's stronghold of Vritanis; but his forces were driven off and thus Ganishka struck a deal with Griffith for a final battle in Wyndham. He then returned to his capital to perform a ritual described as "An Artificial Behelit" involving the absorption of the strength and lives of everyone nearby in order to "Transcend the Apostles" and reincarnate as a being far superior to what it formerly was.

However, he grossly overestimated himself: not only was his avatar defeated numerous times, namely by Guts and Zodd (whose combined strength managed to actually wound the Emperor through his apparition) and then by Griffith, who dissolved it with little to no effort, but in the mere presence of the Hawk, Ganishka was completely overwhelmed and humiliated. Driven by anger and fear, now aware of Griffith's power, he entered the monstrous organic factory of monsters he had Daiba build, and emerged a withering, horrifying creature as massive as a mountain, so large that its head is well above the clouds, and a single footstep can crush hundreds of soldiers. Dozens of writhing tentacles extend from his shoulders, and he is able to rain down explosive fire from above. However, having absorbed so many souls and having attained such power, he no longer seemed capable of clear, rational thought, daring the Hawk to challenge him now that he too had, as he believed, the power of a god.

Sonia called him the "King of the Crows".

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