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Hinasaki MikuHinasaki Miku

Hinasaki Miku
Hinasaki Miku
Original name
雛咲 深紅





Miku Hinasaki is the heroine of Fatal Frame and one of the three main characters in Fatal Frame III.

She is the youngest of the two children of Masato and Miyuki Hinasaki. She wears a comb in her hair that belonged to her grandmother Mikoto. Miku is no stranger to tragedy, as her father mysteriously went missing on assignment, and she was the one to discover her mother's hanging corpse in the back of their garden. After the death of their mother, Miku's older brother, Mafuyu, takes care of her. Miku has the rare gift of a sixth sense, and she can see things that other people usually cannot see. This 'gift', however, makes her rather shy, and she finds the only person she can really open up to is her brother.

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