Tedeza RizeTedeza Rize

Tedeza Rize
Tedeza Rize
Original name
天々座 理世
Also known as
Thé des Alizés





Rize is a tough, cool, and headstrong girl who holds reasonable maturity over the others. She is bluntly opinionated but kind and wise, often offering advice towards the others. She can be a little bit of a tsundere at times, and she has a vivid active imagination that can get carried away. Deep down she loves cute things, cosplay, and fears that she may not fit in, but she gets flustered if others see her vulnerable side. As a result she may try to act like a "normal" teenage girl to appear more relate-able.

As her dad was a member of the military, Rize is very independent and physically strong. She is talented in many fields and admired by friends and peers alike. However, she has become paranoid enough to carry a Glock and Combat Knife on person at all times.
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