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Taki (タキ, Taki, also written as 多喜) is a fictional character designed for the Soul series of fighting games, making her debut in the first game on the series, Soul Blade. She has returned in all games including Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny.

Taki is the female ninja in the games, and as such is a character known for her agility and speed on both movements and strikes. She is also recognized for her many acrobatic movements, exaggerations of ninjutsu skills and the use of magic-based unblockable attacks.

In the game's universe, according to the Edge Master Mode profile on Soul Edge, Taki is a Japanese orphan raised in the Fu-Ma ninja clan, under the care of its headmaster, Toki. She is a capable fighter in both unarmed and armed combat, as well as an accomplished demon huntress, spy and blacksmith. Being one of only three characters to have never been dropped of a single game, either arcade or console version, she has become one of the staple characters of the series.

What lies in her soul is Honor.

Source: Soul Calibur Wiki, soulcalibur.wik...
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