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Tron Bonne
Tron Bonne
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Tron Bonne (トロン・ボーン) is the only daughter of the Bonne family of pirates. Her personality swaps constantly, as during some moments she is calm and happy, and she can explode into a rage and yell the next without any warning, but in both settings, she's extremely stubborn and not above mocking her opponents openly whether she's winning or not. She appears in her own game, The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, which takes place before Mega Man Legends. She is 14 years old, the same age as Mega Man and Roll. Like Roll, Tron is a mechanical genius who invents all of the Bonne's fighting machines, having a IQ of 180.

She created the 40 Servbots which assist her in building the Bonne's fighting machines and in missions. She also works on maintaining the Bonne family's air ship, the Gesellschaft. She is known for piloting machines such as the Gustaff, the Feldynaught and the Jagd Krabbe. Throughout the series, she begins to develop a crush on MegaMan and has even gone to lengths to convince him to join her. Due to this, she has a rivalry of sorts with Roll Caskett as shown in the second game as a fellow mechanic and as MegaMan's love interest.

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