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Ebisuzawa KurumiEbisuzawa Kurumi

Ebisuzawa Kurumi
Ebisuzawa Kurumi
Original name
恵飛須沢 胡桃




Ichimichi Mao - Ozawa Ari - Gakkou Gurashi! - Wakasa Yuuri - Ebisuzawa Kurumi - Character Song - Single - 2 - Hero (Geneon Entertainment)Katou Emiri - Kayano Ai - M.A.O. - Minase Inori - Ozawa Ari - Takahashi Rie - Gakkou Gurashi! - Ebisuzawa Kurumi - Naoki Miki - Sakura Megumi - Takeya Yuki - Taroumaru - Wakasa Yuuri - Album - Character Song - Compilation - Sotsugyo Album (Geneon Entertainment)Ozawa Ari - Takahashi Rie - Gakkou Gurashi! - Ebisuzawa Kurumi - Naoki Miki - Character Song - Single - 4 - Unhappy End World (Geneon Entertainment)


Kurumi Ebisuzawa is one of the main characters of the Gakkou Gurashi! series. She is one of the members of the Campus Life Club.

Kurumi, who seems innocent, is actually the one often sent out on the more dangerous missions. She is also very cheerful, always wearing a smile on her lips.

She possesses a dignified atmosphere that leads others to think she is very mature, which she actually is. She takes care of the others while living in the school, being remarkably calm in difficult situations.
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