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Cinnabar (シンシャ, Shinsha) is the only Gem who goes on night patrol. Due to their body producing poison which is harmful for Gems and living things, they are isolated and ashamed of themselves. They hate fighting and hate to be seen.

According to Rutile, Cinnabar has an extraordinary amount of talent and combat ability, but is too much to handle due to their uncontrollable poison that ruins everything it touches. Cinnabar's silver poison gathers faint light at night, which keeps them awake and aware while night patrolling. According to Kongo-sensei, the night patrol is something Cinnabar came up with by themselves.

They spend their time during the day in Hollow Cape waiting for the Moon People to take them, since they think they may at least be of use to them. They are knowledgeable about things other Gems don't know, and was recommended by the Gems for Phosphophyllite's work on the encyclopedia.

After accidentally hearing their secret and wish, Phos promises to help Cinnabar find a job more suited to them than night patrol, "a job only they can do".
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