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Marik Ishtar (マリク・イシュタール, Mariku Ishutāru?) in the original Japanese anime and manga, is a character in the manga Yu-Gi-Oh! and the second Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series (known in Asia as Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters). The heir to a clan of tombkeepers, Marik's hatred of the nameless Pharaoh compels him to disregard his duties and turn to a life of evil, eventually developing a split personality. He serves as the third antagonist Yugi faces in the manga, and is the core antagonist in the second and third seasons of the anime.

Marik's family had guarded the tomb of the pharaoh for generations. Marik holds the Millennium Rod and with his Ghouls organization (called the Rare Hunters in the English anime), he wished to obtain the three God Cards, and with them, unlock their power for himself so he can gain the title of "Pharaoh" and set his family free of their burden. In the Japanese anime, Marik wished to get revenge on the ancient Pharaoh's soul for killing his father, as he was made to believe. Marik's backstory differs between versions, and in the English anime his desire for revenge is replaced by a desire for the pharaoh's power. Marik's mad quest to defeat Dark Yugi made a target out of his friends, and after sending numerous minions to defeat him that each failed, he brainwashed Yugi's friends and turned them against him. When this failed, Marik entered the Battle City finals. During this, his adopted brother Rishid fell comatose, and Marik's sadistic alter personality Dark Marik (Yami Marik) took control of his body. The insane alter ego proceeded to defeat Mai, Bakura and Jonouchi before facing Yugi. In their final match, Yugi and Rishid were able to restore a reformed Marik to his body, leaving Dark Marik to fade away as Marik overcame his hatred for Yugi. Fulfilling his duty as tombkeeper, Marik returned to Egypt with his family to start a new life. Marik appeared in Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour, along with Yami Marik. Marik first appeared when the player found him in the game, as he named himself "Namu". But later revealed that he is Marik and turn into Yami Marik after defeat Odion. Unlike in the anime, the only way to make Yami Marik fade away is to beat him with the God Cards in the Shadow Game. Yami Marik is the final boss in the game. While Marik is normal opponents after defeating Yami Marik. Marik is voiced by Tetsuya Iwanaga in the original version and by Jonathan Todd Ross in the English adaptation, while Akiko Kimura does his voice in flashbacks.

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