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Kurau Phantom MemoryKurau Phantom Memory

Kurau Phantom Memory
Kurau Phantom Memory
Original name
クラウ ファントムメモリー



Kurau Phantom Memory - Amami Kurau - Christmas - Pencil Board (Movic)Kurau Phantom Memory - Amami Kurau - Christmas - Mug (Movic, Animate)Kurau Phantom Memory - Amami Kurau - Strap (Animate, Movic)Kurau Phantom Memory - Amami Kurau - Fastener (Animate, Movic)



In the year 2100, Dr. Amami is a scientist working in the field of alternative energy, who at the beginning of the series is on the verge of a major breakthrough in the area of Rynax energy. His daughter Kurau accompanies him to the lab on her twelfth birthday, where an experiment goes horribly wrong and she is struck by a bolt of this energy, which knocks her unconscious.

When she wakes up again, it is found that her body has been taken over by two Rynax, who are actually sentient life forms and not just a form of energy. However, one of the Rynax is too weak to awaken. The awakened Rynax takes on Kurau's name and identity, and though her newfound superhuman abilities make her a subject of interest for scientists, Kurau manages to live a relatively normal life. Ten years later, the second Rynax awakens and emerges as a twelve-year-old girl, whom Kurau names Christmas. The two look and interact very much like sisters.
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