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Solty RevantSolty Revant

Solty Revant
Solty Revant
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Solty Rei - Solty Revant - 1/8 (Organic)Solty Rei - Solty Revant - Swimsuit ver. (GS Project)



Asano Masumi - Saitou Momoko - Solty Rei - Solty Revant - Rose Anderson - Character Song - Single - Character & Radio Theme CD ~Solty x Rose~ (Mellow Head)


Age: 15 - 20 in appearance (approximately more than 200 years old)
Height: 153 cm
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Green

A Genuine Resemble (gynoid) with green hair and green eyes. She does not remember anything from before her first meeting with Roy. After indirectly saving Roy's life (and then directly once again), she takes up residence with and is later adopted by him, causing her to take the surname Revant. Possessing a cheerful, helpful personality, she generally spends time cooking or performing housework for Roy, and later, Rose. She is naïve and takes every opportunity that presents itself. Her construction allows for a number of superhuman abilities, including high resistance to injury, greatly enhanced strength and speed, and the ability to resonate her fists to disintegrate objects. Her first name comes from one of Roy's old records, "Solty Rock".

It is later revealed that her real name is Dike, one of the three core computers who oversee the planet, originally brought by the first human settlers. Originally, Joeseph described her as coldhearted whom instilled fear into people, but mentioned that Roy was responsible for making her smile. In the final three episodes, she also gained the ability to levitate. In Episode:24, Solty was sent into space to stop Eirene, another one of the three core computers, from intentionally colliding into the newly terra-formed planet (new Earth), which would destroy the city and its people. Solty was to destroy Eirene and the colonization ship before it could crash into the city. She fights her other "sister" in space and finally manages to get to her core. After Roy acknowledges Solty as his "daughter", she gains the strength to fight, screaming "I AM SOLTY REVANT!!!" at Eirene, who refers to her as Dike claiming she cannot be a human; thus throwing her identity away as a machine. In the end, she successfully destroys Eirene and the colonization ship by destroying her core and in the process, disrupting the Aurora Shell.

Several years later, Roy and Yuto are shown in space searching through the debris. They detect a strange melodic, humming sound, which soon can be recognized as the song Solty learned from Rose. A bright light catches Roy's attention, and as he approaches it, he discovers Solty, who is still salvageable but has a heavily damaged left arm and right leg and has shut down. As Roy embraces her, she awakens and states that she wishes to go home.

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