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Breath of Fire 6: Hakuryuu no Shugosha-tachiBreath of Fire 6: Hakuryuu no Shugosha-tachi

Breath of Fire 6: Hakuryuu no Shugosha-tachi
Breath of Fire 6: Hakuryuu no Shugosha-tachi
Original name
ブレス オブ ファイア 6 白竜の守護者たち
Also known as
Breath of Fire 6: Guardians of the White Dragons


Breath of Fire 6: Hakuryuu no Shugosha-tachi - Nina - 1/8 (Kotobukiya)




Breath of Fire 6 is the upcoming installment in the Breath of Fire series. It was announced on August 1, 2013, and is expected to launch in spring of 2015. It is being produced by Kazunori Sugiura.
The story takes place 1,000 years after the battle of a young man who used the "Power of the Dragon". The world has went through a terrible process of desertification, but its people survived this crisis and now lives hopeful for a new era. But in the backstage the powerful Insidia Empire disrupted that peace, overtaking the world slowly and dominating smaller countries, one by one.
One of those lands that fell under the Empire's strength was Dragnier, which is home to the Hero. The Insidia Empire attacked the village, destroying all in their path. Peridot, who just happened to come by the ruins, found the Hero in trouble and saves them.
Talk of the "Power of the Dragon" and the "Song of the Dragon" have been mentioned but not much is known about it. It seems it will take a large role in the plot of Breath of Fire 6.
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