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Final FightFinal Fight

Final Fight
Final Fight
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Final Fight​ (ファイナルファイト) is a side-scrolling beat-'em-up game originally released by Capcom as a coin-operated video game in 1989. It was the seventh game released by Capcom for their CP System arcade game hardware. The player takes control of one of three vigilantes who must rescue a kidnapped young woman from a street gang.

The game was originally conceived as a sequel to the original Street Fighter titled Street Fighter '89, but the title was changed before its release when the game's genre changed from a one-on-one competitive fighting game to a side-scrolling action game similar to Double Dragon or Golden Axe. Final Fight was ported to various platforms, such as the Super NES and Mega CD, since its original coin-op release.

Final Fight was followed by a series of sequels that were produced primarily for the home console market, and some of the game's characters would reappear in later Street Fighter games.

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