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Shadow LadyShadow Lady

Shadow Lady
Shadow Lady
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Shadow Lady (Fewture)Shadow Lady - 1/7 (Heavy Gauge)



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A three-volume shounen manga series by Masakazu Katsura.

The story is centered around a mild-mannered young woman, Aimi, who lives in crime-riddled Gray City. Aimi's secret is that she's the owner of magical eye shadow that transforms her into the sexy petty thief Shadow Lady. Her sidekick is a tiny transforming demon named De-Mo.

The series, in terms of overall tone, has superficial similarities to Batman (for example, Shadow Lady herself is reminiscent of Catwoman, and Grey City is a lot like Gotham City). This is appropriate since Katsura is known to be a fan of the American superhero.
123585 items, Rare/Limited/Exclusive, Since 2007

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