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Siren SorentoSiren Sorento

Siren Sorento
Siren Sorento
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Siren Sorrento (海魔女のソレント, Seirein no Sorento) is one of Poseidon's Marine General.

His first appearance varies slightly (but are similar) in the manga and anime adaptation. In the original Kurumada's manga, Sorrento was sent to kill the injured Bronze Saints in the hospital right after the fight in the Sanctuary chapter. Sorrento encountered the Taurus Gold Saint Aldebaran, who was sent by Athena to protect the injured Bronze Saints. However, Aldebaran was no match for the enchanted music from Sorrento's flute, even after he pierced his own eardrums so that he would be unable to hear the Sorrento's melody. Aldebaran was able to achieve a stalemate by tricking Sorrento into thinking he had been killed, and was able to use his cosmo to paralyze Sorrento. Before the two could begin the battle again, Saori showed up and requested Sorrento to take her to see Julian Solo, who was the young host chosen by Sorrento's worshipped deity, Poseidon, as his physical body. Later Sorrento revealed that when Saori "requested" Sorrento to take her to Poseidon, it was like a gentle command that he could not refuse, a request from a true goddess. While he remained to be one of Poseidon's Marina Shoguns, he gained great respect for Athena from this encounter.

In the anime adaptation, he was introduced as Poseidon's Marina General fulfilling the role of a messenger of the divinity, who gave the Nibelung Ring to Hilda, the guardian of Asgard. Sorrento revealed himself toward the end of the anime-only Asgard Chapter, and fought with Alpha Dubhe Siegfried (who now realizes that Hilda was under Poseidon's manipulation). Siegfried (already injured from battling with the Bronze Saints) could not overcome Sorrento's "Dead End Symphony", even after he pierced his eardrums so that he would be unable to hear the music. Realizing that the only way to defeat Sorrento is to sacrifice himself (he realized this when Shiryu's technique failed on him), Siegfried grabbed Sorrento and was going to kill them both by an ascent into space. Sorrento became horrified at Siegfried's deadly attack and strong resolution to defeat him at the cost of his own life. However, Sorrento was able to free himself by projecting an illusion to shock Siegfried, and then playing his song to weaken Siegfried, causing Siegfried to release his hold, leaving the sole Asgard warrior to burn by himself in to the depths of outer space. Sorento's fight against Siegfried in the anime adaptation was mirrored directly after Sorento's fight against Aldebaran in the manga, which was modified in the anime adaptation. In the anime, Aldebaran fought another of Hilda's warriors (Zeta Myzar) instead of Sorento.
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