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Aaahhhh yes more love for the series!! ♡♡♡
2 days ago
Hmm judging by these photos it looks like they'll be going for the Japanese interpretation of their outfits. That's pretty cool and will give variety in comparison to the Good Smile one. With the airing of the anime in Japanese this coming winter season I hope it gets more popular so we get a variety of character getting figures. I want my angry purple grape uncle getting a scale figure!
3 days ago
Oh Wow I'm so excited ;.; I dont really know anything about genesis though, hope the quality to price ratio isnt too rough. I mean, I'd probably still get it though...
4 days ago
Oohhh illustrated by Gearous
Omg I'm so proud of them how they went from just drawing fan art to official merch and now even getting their work turned into a figure
4 days ago
Hmm, can't say I was expecting this but a pleasant surprise for sure! I'm quite surprised that a company other than GSC Shanghai is making figures of them too, wonder how they'll end up like!
4 days ago
Well this looks interesting.
Wonder what they'll make, poses, and stuff. I guess it's gonna be what's in the illustration, but it's obviously gonna look different in 3D, so I can't wait to see that.

Not much to reference from, from their catalogue. But if it looks good, I might make some plans for both LWJ, and WWX. Since I'm already looking forward to the GSC double-figure. It'd be interesting to see if they'd match.

I seems like both have a slightly different style from most of their iterations though?

Like, his style doesn't look like Official, Manhua, Donghua, or Audio drama. I hope they change his inner-robe colour to red though. I always liked that nice slash of red, and I think it'd tie my MDZS collection together properly.

modao-zushi.fan... For reference, with that one.
4 days ago
Premium Figure Imports


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