Dr. Stone - Asagiri Gen - Figure of Stone World -Zoukei no Kagaku (Bandai Spirits)Dr. Stone - Asagiri Gen - Figure of Stone World -Zoukei no Kagaku (Bandai Spirits)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Dr. Stone - Asagiri Gen - Figure of Stone World -Zoukei no Kagaku (Bandai Spirits)
Scale & Dimensions
H=180mm (7.02in)
Release date
03/16/2021 As Prize
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i´m selling him (from germany) ^^
3 months ago
I accidently knocked him off a shelf and one of his feet fell off. Now i have a severed, tiny, bare foot.
4 months ago
Didnt buy this when i had the chance n now i regret it lol
11 months ago
I highly, HIGHLY recommend this prize figure to anyone who loves Dr Stone!! It’s really high quality for the price, and is perfect for my starting collection!!
1 year ago
omg he looks so cute ;u;
1 year ago
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
Is he still up anywhere to order?
1 year ago
Just pre-ordered him! Can't wait to see him when he gets released.

I love his ( •̀ω•́) smirk
1 year ago
Ordered him today! Glad that he turned out great.
1 year ago
That feet sculpt looks really good!
1 year ago
This one looks very nice for a prize figure but I hope that a company picks them up in scaled figures to be made in the future
1 year ago
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