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Two Taihou figures in 2022? its going to be a good year
1 month ago
1 month ago
I hope they add the lute in the finished figure, the small preview of the prototype doesn't show it, it would look awkward with nothing there and her arm raised like that.
1 month ago
Prototype when T-T
1 month ago
She probably won't be cheap but on paper she's looking darn good!
1 month ago
Hello alter when prototype
3 months ago
Awww man. First was Koto’s Taihou now this one and the 1/4 too? Man I’m gonna be a very broke person. So many AL figures announced, this is going to be very exciting...
1 year ago
So happy that Alter picked her up. I'm not usually picky about figure quality, but Taihou is one of my favourite character in AL and i feel that Kotobuki didnt do her justice in my opinion. Thank god i didn't order her.
1 year ago
Best Taihou incoming!
1 year ago
I didnt want to collect Azur Lane. They cant do this to me ;(
1 year ago
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value


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