Overlord - Shalltear Bloodfallen - Shibuya Scramble Figure - 1/7 - Swimsuit Ver. (Alpha Satellite, eStream)Overlord - Shalltear Bloodfallen - Shibuya Scramble Figure - 1/7 - Swimsuit Ver. (Alpha Satellite, eStream)¥ Buy¥ Buy

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Overlord - Shalltear Bloodfallen - Shibuya Scramble Figure - 1/7 - Swimsuit Ver. (Alpha Satellite, eStream)
Scale & Dimensions
1/7  W=240mm (9.36in)  L=220mm (8.58in)  H=214mm (8.35in, 1:1=1.5m)
Release date
09/2021 As Limited + Exclusive
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Orders via Shibuya Scramble Store can be placed between the 11th November 2020 from 08:00JST until the 14th February 2021 at 15:59JST.


Available for pre-order @ Nin-Nin-Game (¥39,990)
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16 days ago
The detail is great and I like this one especially. Between the price and the artistic choices though, I still can't decide if I want to commit.

Am I the only one that isn't a fan of splashes? In the case of these two figures, I feel like it really detracts from the overall design. The silhouette is completely ruined and there is so much visual noise it is more difficult to appreciate the figure itself.

Also, an interesting sidebar, we have never seen pricing like this before. Do we still think the aftermarket is going to behave in the same way in spite of that?
1 month ago
Hmmm i thought she will be small due to her sitting pose... But seeing her next to estream Megumin, they are par to par... Now im super tempted to get her.
6 months ago
I love these figure designs! They're almost resin figure level. I wonder why Shalltear is so much cheaper than Albedo though? I'd go for Albedo, but she's over $100 more than any of the other equally Alpha detailed figures. I'll probably end up caving on Albedo though. She'll probably skyrocket after release.
7 months ago
anyone passing up their preorders? UK
7 months ago
TOYKAN did a video preview of her:

7 months ago
I caved )::::::
7 months ago
Hmmm might pass and just get albedo
7 months ago
I don't know what scares me more, the fact that they're trying to sell a 1/7th scale for over 330$ (before shipping), or the fact that they're not trying, rather they're succeeding.

Probably the latter. I wonder where this is taking the industry. My collection is good enough, so I'm mostly a spectator now, though I might have considered this at about half the price. Which is the price it would make sense at.
8 months ago