Date A Live - Kyouno Natsumi - 1/7 - DX Ver. (Bell Fine)Date A Live - Kyouno Natsumi - 1/7 - DX Ver. (Bell Fine)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Date A Live - Kyouno Natsumi - 1/7 - DX Ver. (Bell Fine)
Scale & Dimensions
1/7  H=310mm (12.09in, 1:1=2.17m)
Release date
06/21/2021 As Standard
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This was the first scale figure I've received, and I wanted to give some feedback for you guys.

The figure is quite big and really pretty, there are a lot of little details that make the figure come to life, specially the DX version that brings a lot of spooky themed accessories for the base. I'm extremely happy with the purchase, but since this is my first official scale figure, I might be a little biased ahah

Regarding the comments of pieces breaking, I had none, all the pieces were there, HOWEVER, there are quite some pieces that gave me some problems, but I'll list them below:
- The wings from the hat are really finicky; just a little touch and they can come off, but they are not broken as some guys mentioned here.
- One of the tiny stars of the cape came off, but I managed to put it back together with ease.
- the middle building and the fence are REALLY hard to assemble, you'll need pinpoint accuracy and some strength to put it together.
- The right foot was really hard to fit into position, spend a good 5-10m trying to set the figure in place (I was to scared to break it).

Overall, an amazing figure to have in your collection!

9 days ago

If you can figure out how to get around the complications, it's a really gorgeous figure.
Note: To everyone saying the wings broke, they are SUPPOSED to come off. It's really hard to tell, but there are actually pegs on them. They're really finicky though. I myself had trouble putting the base together and needed a friend (who's more experienced with figures) to help. The fences are a pain, the feet pegs don't line up properly, and some of the houses didn't secure correctly. But my friend was able to get passed all of that and now it looks great.

My only issue with the figure is that the hair is stiff (I prefer the ones that can somewhat bend), the skin suit looks more like skin so the wrinkles on her chest look random, and the chain links aren't individually sculpted.

I don't think it's worth the price, but if you can find it cheaper and are willing to work around those things, you should definitely get her
17 days ago
I was really looking forward to this figure, bummer it has so many quality issues. I’ll probably cancel my order from AmiAmi.
2 months ago
adding to the wall of people having issues with this figure. in my case, she wasnt my worst put together but her base was rough to get some of the fences in.

Mines came with the left wing of her hat detached also and her hand floating in the plastic bubble. luckily in my case the wing didnt really have a weird break when it came out, so I just put it back in and it fit like a glove. Contacted hobbysearch but looks like il be doing a more sturdy repair down the line for it.

The left wing break is insanely common and it sucks. So many amiami preowned went up noting the same issue, and the reply from belphine through hobbysearch made me miss GSC customer support. thanks for trying still, hobbysearch.
2 months ago
Mine is in a similar condition as everyone else's. The wing came off and she doesn't go all the way into the base, she seems to be secure enough though. The base decorations went in easily and no shoe was unglued/broken, so I'd say I was one the "luckier" ones. While she does look good, I don't think I'll get anything else from Bellfine.
2 months ago
sky732 months ago#98622775Just got her today and before I even opened the box a piece of a wing was just hanging by the detached hand and I was like oh no. It was the left side wing on her hat looks like I will be messaging amiami so sad I was really looking forward to this figure.i ordered mine from solarisjapan and the right wing on her hat is nearly hanging on for life and she doesn't fit into the base all the way, her right shoe is broken off and its super disappointing. i hope amiami helps you!
2 months ago
Just got her today and before I even opened the box a piece of a wing was just hanging by the detached hand and I was like oh no. It was the left side wing on her hat looks like I will be messaging amiami so sad I was really looking forward to this figure.
2 months ago