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Fate/Zero - Gilgamesh - M.M.S. Collection - 1/8 (MegaHouse)
Scale & Dimensions
1/8  H=230mm (8.97in, 1:1=1.84m)
Release date
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Just whyyyy???? would they cancel this
The sculpt work looks great and Megahouse would have done a good paint job too

I've been dying to get a Gilgamesh figure that looks great like this one does

All the other companies somehow messes something up
Some figures r too plain some look weird
Some messed up the color like aniplex did

And Megahouse just did a hugeeeee mistake by not realising this one
1 year ago
I cry cause this would've been beautiful.

I like megahouse and this would have been nice to put next to Ozy. Kings.
2 years ago
tamameow sleepy collecting gremlin
Rikoei3 years ago#49392682Seriously? When?

ITEM #604019
3 years ago
arisatosexual4 years ago#30892908thanks for nothin' megahouse, at least we're getting a 1/4th scale!

Seriously? When?
3 years ago
I don't know why someone put canceled; any official source?



maybe it's time? X°°D
maybe another character, who knows
3 years ago
revive <3
4 years ago
Farewell, golden king!
4 years ago
materix01 Lv. 10 Dictator
I'm a little surprised they cancelled it considering how well Gilgamesh's nendoroid did.
4 years ago
A7xMad4 years ago#32985317why would they cancel it? My personal thoughts was that the Waver, Rider and Lancer did not sell well enough. Alter's Waver was way better in quality and pose. Lancer was pretty good, but he isn't as popular. Rider I think turned out okay? But Gil I'm sure would have sold well. It is such a waste since they had a sculpt and everything :/

Their loss, because other companies are making better sculpts and I'm sure they will sell.
4 years ago
why would they cancel it?
4 years ago