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Serial Experiments Lain - Iwakura Lain (Toynami)
Release date
07/2002 As Limited
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Limited to 3000 pieces.


Please please let me know if you are selling this I want her so so bad
1 day ago
if anyone is selling this doll or any other I’m willing to pay $400, preferably for more than one but one doll works as well.
5 days ago
I want her so so bad
12 days ago
IM SO HAPPY I GOT THE AUTHENTIC OUTFIT!! that was really lucky loll, now i can keep my one lain doll and switch her outfits between the schoolgirl and this.
for anyone that has a lain doll, ii have 2 of the school outfits available for sale! they are authentic from the actual lain dolls but don't come with shoes or socks, just the main fit.
13 days ago
Still looking 4!
16 days ago
would trade anything for u little baby
1 month ago
Looking 2 buy!
1 month ago
if anyone can send a link on where to buy for not a super expensive price that would be much appreciated ^^
2 months ago
mirei4 months ago#89238044Okay, this is gonna be a weird question but bare with me lol
Are you able to undress her? I want to get a Lain doll, any variant and make her the white tanktop she wears in the anime. And just dress her up in general with other doll clothes

also linked in my other comment but just so you can see it, [url=]shoujodolls.com...[/url]heres the doll body used for these dolls
3 months ago
DairyFigz4 months ago#89238654i have another variant, and yes you can undress her. You have to be careful but it can be done. Mine has grey feet? That aren't skin tone. And her body isn't great in terms of sculpt and design, very akin to dollar store barbie sculpt i don't know how well you'd enjoy showing off without clothes. But it's definitely not impossible.
mines the same way, I think the black/blue feet is from the black socks she wears on the school variant bleeding into the soft vinyl of the feet and dying them, but as the body is made out of ABS they remain the same. as for the body its actually a ninie body, [/url]heres the only bit of info on it i can find.
3 months ago
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