NieR: Automata - Pod 153 - YoRHa No. 9 Type S - DX Edition (Flare, Square Enix)NieR: Automata - Pod 153 - YoRHa No. 9 Type S - DX Edition (Flare, Square Enix)¥ Buy¥ Buy

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-9S figure (face part w/goggles)
-Alternative parts (bare face, heat radiating pants unequipped body)
-Cruel Oath (sword)
-Pod 153 (34 cm)
-Base for 9S & Pod 153


Available for pre-order @ Solaris Japan (¥20,363)

Pre-Order at Solaris Japan for ¥20,363
└ Check product page for details.
Available for pre-order @ Akiba Soul
Shipping is $5.99 (within the US)! Show off your bravado and get this husbando! Good Civilization => www.akibasoul.c...
lluviakate10 days ago#92426678Can we please make A-2 now? THX! hopefully this time with a bearable face. Looking at you ITEM #570618 am i right? ...sigh... even with a horrible face i know i will buy her if they make her. I just like this fiery android the most... <.<
9 days ago
Can we please make A-2 now? THX!
10 days ago
Both 2B DX and 9S DX are available on Amazon JP with shipping now, at least to Canada. Expensive shipping at over 4,000 yen each if you order both at once. Shipping prices have increased almost 3x since covid. I have some other unshipped preorders from Jan 2020 that are surely larger and heavier boxes and they were just 1,600 yen to ship.

That said they are still cheaper than TOM's shipping to Canada by quite a bit.

Hoping for an A2 figure to complete the collection!
13 days ago
Now we have seen 9S and 2B. Please make an A2!
15 days ago
Available for pre-order @ Lunar Toy Store
Guaranteed pre-order price
$5 Flat Rate Shipping in Continental U.S.
Hassle free pre-order cancellation before release month
To be honest he really is my most fave character from Nier Automata.
Was doubting whether or not to get the deluxe version...came to the conclusion I could not pass up the short pants version.
Can't wait for him to come home :D
26 days ago
Got my pre-order in!
27 days ago
Sapphireflames27 days ago#91238727He up on tom otakumode.com/s...

TY! Pre-ordered~

Also impressed with TOM's price on this one. It's pretty good for US customers :)
27 days ago