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Rozen Maiden - Shinku - Pop Up Parade (Good Smile Company)
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2021 As Standard
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Now I'm curious if they use her color palette from the 2003 Anime or from Zurückspulen (2011)
2 months ago
Yay! I love it :D Hope they will be releasing the other sisters as well :)
2 months ago
I love this figure, she looks amazing, I can't wait until she's painted but is it just me or are her hands kind of small?
2 months ago
Her face including facial expression seems of off TwT. I know that it will be cheap figure but still :<. But well, I'm happy that she's been made cause I love her ^^.
2 months ago
SO happy to see some rozen maiden love!! ;_;
2 months ago
This Pop up Parade line is exploding. That escalated quickly ^^
2 months ago
I might actually pick this one up!
Here's to hoping they'll release the others too... there's never any love for Kanaria...
2 months ago
2 months ago
This is a must buy for me <3
2 months ago
flyingteapot2 months ago#91875937Oh wow! What's up with the Rozen Maiden announcements today, I wonder if there's an upcoming anniversary or something.
And Pop Up Parade - even better! I don't know if I would've wanted a full scale and expensive Shinku after all these years, but I'll definitely go for a PUP.
I really hope that they make the rest of the characters!

I heard about a prequel manga being released, so maybe that?
2 months ago
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