Kuroshitsuji - Ciel Phantomhive - X-tra - 1/10 (Tsume)Kuroshitsuji - Ciel Phantomhive - X-tra - 1/10 (Tsume)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Kuroshitsuji - Ciel Phantomhive - X-tra - 1/10 (Tsume)
Scale & Dimensions
1/10  W=120mm (4.68in)  H=160mm (6.24in, 1:1=1.6m)
Release date
2014 As Limited
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Preorder 44 € Inc.Tax.
Limited Edition: 3000 pieces.
Only 200 pieces available on Tsume-art.com, all signed by the artistic team.

Release Date: Q4 2013
Modeler: Cyril Farudja
Painter: Guillaume Hémery
Artistic supervisor: Cyril Marchiol


I have one for sale but only with Sebastian. Both brand new and sealed. Price for both: 90 Euro + shipping (from Poland). I don't ship to US.
3 months ago
Looking to buy one of these, we had a flood and the guys that came to pack up the stuff in the house stepped on him and destroyed him.
5 months ago
THICCLING Queen's Watchdog's Wife
heekyunggx34 years ago#9865914selling my extra Ciel! USA only. DM if interested. SALE #100706
still selling!! lowered to $50 free ship.
3 years ago
THICCLING Queen's Watchdog's Wife
selling my extra Ciel! USA only. DM if interested. SALE #100706
4 years ago
I'm selling Ciel but only together with Sebastian, or if I have a guaranteed buyer for Sebastian as well, both for $70, free shipping and tracking within the US.
4 years ago
Just noticed my Ciel has developed a slight forward lean. You may want to check on yours. Typical high-maintenance Ciel...
4 years ago
Hei guys, if you want a new nendoroid of Ciel please vote here:

5 years ago
THICCLING Queen's Watchdog's Wife
looking to buy ><

Edit: finally got!!!
5 years ago
I am trying to get rid of mine along with Sebastian for 20$ + shipping.
I have both boxes in great condition but only kept the bigger shared base.
PM if interested with your postal code and country name for shipping quote.

[Edit] SOLD
5 years ago
Astrid875 years ago#2852559Here are some bootlegs photos I saw on ebay, should we upload them into the folder?? www.ebay.it/itm...
Should I create an alert for this?? :o

I would say yes! :)
5 years ago
Welcome to Entertainment Hobby Shop JUNGLE!


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