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The Dark Knight Rises - Bane - Play Arts Kai (Square Enix)The Dark Knight Rises - Bane - Play Arts Kai (Square Enix)

The Dark Knight Rises - Bane - Play Arts Kai (Square Enix)
Scale & Dimensions
H=230mm (8.97in)
Release date
02/2013 As Standard
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4 years ago
SweetIvy The Jellopy Connoisseur
Video Preview of the 2013 Play Arts Kai/Square Enix Lineup

MTV Geek Interview (Preview for Bane @ 3:00 )
5 years ago
Yup I'm sold on this one. It's like Knightfall Bane's physique combined with Nolan Bane's design, certainly a different artistic rendition of the character which I don't mind at all.
5 years ago
*muffled* I don't sleep so well Batman! I've got sleep apnea!

stupid mushmouth Bane and his stupid apnea mask.

...It's clear that I don't care for the movie version of Bane, right?
5 years ago

The official photo made this figure looks slightly better than the con pics. Slightly.
5 years ago
Wow so much hate for this figure! I don't mind what Square Enix is doing here, hell they look nice if one was to look at them as different artistic renditions of the characters. Batman looks much better with the paint than when he was initially revealed (looks like they changed the size of the head so it looks in proportion.) And while Bane's musculature is somewhat exaggerated from Tom Hardy's actual build, it's not obscene enough to be a turn-off, rather it now looks like a combination of Knightfall Bane's musculature (original comic version) along with the movie's design.

If I want a realistic Bane I'd go for Hot Toys but since I've already pre-ordered that one, something a little bit different like this is great (not to mention they'd work well with the Arkham figures too.) Interesting thing to note is that PAK Bane happens to have the most accurate colors in comparison to other figures of Bane and that includes the Hot Toys version.
5 years ago
Arrrghh the joints....look....so...terrible.....must...get...away..from....arrrgh
How many joints did they put on him? Way too many! HoT Toys version ftw!
5 years ago
Shame that he's so HNNNGH beefy. That, and joints look bad (as typical for Play Arts Kai figures). I could have a nice Bane figure*. He's the best thing to come from the Nolan-verse, after all.
(* - not counting the ones that cost an arm and a leg and are awfully big, that is)
5 years ago
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