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Tera: The Exiled Realm of Arborea - Castanic - 1/6 (Cerberus Project)Tera: The Exiled Realm of Arborea - Castanic - 1/6 (Cerberus Project)

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Wonder Festival 2012 [Summer]


Free_Phi Meta-Sentient Cyber-Imp
Man I wish more PVCs had lips like this!
(or lips at all...)
1 year ago
Man I was hoping someone would have picked his up for official PVC, like with the Elin, by WF but it looks like no such luck. Not really satisfied with how the knock offs look either. Raccoon eyes!
6 years ago
Gathering Version Reviewed here: animefigures.us...
6 years ago
I like the original so much more,the face is better
6 years ago
Just got a recasted one. Quality is pretty good overall but the official one in the pics is on a whole different level. The colors used really make it looks like it's real.
Anyway, deatails on the armor and on the giant axe are awesome, but the work did on the body itself is not as good
6 years ago
kaname1304 (6 years ago) #1146060That's some interesting news :D

Would've preordered it regardless. But that certainly helped in my decision. I'm waiting for either a parts picture for the model or some of the first handpainted ones from Hobbyfan to show off how that works or what it looks like.

Don't want something of that quality to have terrible tits. Heh.
6 years ago
Xeldan (6 years ago) #1142248The handpainted one from hobbyfan now comes with "removable bra armor."

That's some interesting news :D
6 years ago
The handpainted one from hobbyfan now comes with "removable bra armor."
6 years ago
Wow. This is really beautiful.

kaname1304 (6 years ago) #1045396I want the Elf Archer next :P


zzzzzy (6 years ago) #1063748CASTANIC! <3 wanted a warrior tho ^^.
But the face looks too realistic.. don't get the same anime feeling as with the Elin..

Well, Castanics in game do look that realistic. Elins are very much anime-fied in game.
Pretty accurate representation.
6 years ago
wowww she's gorgeous
i personally like her face, it's a welcome change from the torrents of moeblob figures that are poured out each month
6 years ago
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