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Petit Eva: Evangelion@School - Souryuu Asuka Langley - C-style - C-style Rebuild of Evangelion Petite Eva - New Theatrical Edition - Ver. 2 (Bandai)

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selling entire box (all 9 variants) for only $35+shipping on ebay: www.ebay.com/it...
1 year ago
Just got her in! The box was flimsier than figures I've had before, it was a small cardboard box with all her parts in little plastic bags. Her hair is also a bit darker from the rest the picture. Don't move her around much, she isn't very securely held to the base. Otherwise I like how she looks for such an inexpensive figure, and I really want her companions. :3
3 years ago
I have found this www.ebay.com/it... and I think they are bootlegs (Asuka's mouth is open!?! None of her three versions have open mouth!). Someone can confirm this?
4 years ago
takenyaka Lunar Kaworu
I have some for resell. helmet included (assembled)! Pm if interested in
4 years ago
I've started a split for the set she's a part of at Group Orders here: club/618/discus... !
5 years ago