Nisemonogatari - Kaiki Deishu - Collectage - Nisemonogatari Collectage - Secret (Bandai)Nisemonogatari - Kaiki Deishu - Collectage - Nisemonogatari Collectage - Secret (Bandai)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Nisemonogatari - Kaiki Deishu - Collectage - Nisemonogatari Collectage - Secret (Bandai)
10/2012 As Standard
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I am selling this figure! The figure is loose and without any original packaging, but is in good condition without any outstanding scuff or damage. If you are interested, shoot me a message! I can send over pictures and we can work out a price based on the sale history of the item from there. Free shipping within the United States, international shipping calculated. Do not be intimidated by the age of the comment, if the text isn’t crossed out, it’s still for sale!

I also have hundreds of other goods/figures for sale! Check out my lists of goods/figures for sale and feel free to inquire about anything I'm selling! Items are split between multiple lists due to the 450 list limit.
Link to my sale lists: profile/Wisprin...
1 month ago
wanting to get my hands on this figure/any other kaiki merch, pm me if you're selling
5 years ago
Looking for him~ PM plz got him
8 years ago
Looking into buying the whole set of this or at least Kaiki for a reasonable price. Doubt anyone would sell theirs because he's just that awesome, but worth a try.
8 years ago
VioMariner PLATINUM Disco~
If anyone is selling Kaiki PLZ PM. I'll pay whatever amount for him, seriously.
8 years ago
If anyone is willing to let go of Kaiki or the entire set, just send me a PM as I'd love to get this guy. *_*

Finally got him! ^_^
8 years ago
if anyone is willing to part with theirs let me know:)
8 years ago
I want to buy this.
So hard.
8 years ago
Nekopana dog girl
looking to buy
8 years ago
BlueMonday Baton-bu desu.
Yesu da.
8 years ago
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