Akira - Kaneda Shoutarou - 1/8 (Alpha)Akira - Kaneda Shoutarou - 1/8 (Alpha)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Akira - Kaneda Shoutarou - 1/8 (Alpha)
Scale & Dimensions
Release date
10/2003 As Standard
Japanese14,435 hits • 18 comments7 likes



Looking for this and the Tetsuo that goes with him.
7 months ago
Looking to buy! Please PM if you're selling.
1 year ago
Looking to buy. PM me if you're selling.
2 years ago
Selling for $58 USD, in very good condition with box. PM for pics.

6 years ago
still for sale 29e ... + tetsou is available too
7 years ago
Just picked one up used at Anime North.
No box, $50, so awesome, couldn't leave him behind.
This figure has such presence.
7 years ago
Cerudays7 years ago#2771017Mine's sitting on a shelf above my computer. He really does look cool!
Does yours also have the eyes painted a little bit weird? its barely noticeable but if you look closely
7 years ago
Mine's sitting on a shelf above my computer. He really does look cool!
7 years ago
Sold mine.
Unsealed inside.
7 years ago
CinnamonSwirls7 years ago#2499668If anyone is selling this for a decent price, let me know!
Got him and not for over his original retail price either! Very excited!

Where at?
7 years ago
Let's Enjoy OTAKU Life!


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