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Wow, I think Raihan has everything BUT a scale figure announced! What's next, Dollfie Dream?
9 days ago
Not interested
9 days ago
I really wish Koto had nabbed him first instead. It'll be really tragic if he doesn't adequately tower over all of all of Koto's 1/8 scale trainer kids.
9 days ago
Huh. I thought MegaHouse had abandoned this line.
9 days ago
Man kinda wish Koto made him instead. Hopefully, Koto will still get to him.
Based on the other Pokémon figures on this gem megahoause line, I am not sure if this will turn out great...
9 days ago
Nemsy9 days ago#97922753Don't you ruin my boy, Megahouse.haha xD
9 days ago
Oh, they're still doing this
9 days ago
Don't you ruin my boy, Megahouse.
9 days ago
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