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Dollfie Dream - Dollfie Dream Sister - Image Character - Mayu - 1/3 (Volks)
Scale & Dimensions
1/3  H=570mm (22.23in, 1:1=1.71m)
Release date
10/2012 As Exclusive
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DDS, M bust, Normal Skin.
Wig is W-143D-16T Wave with Mini Side Tails Cream. Eyes are Animetic Eyes F-Type Wakaba (Bright Green), Metallic, 24mm.


Selling her head with wig. If interested please PM me.
4 years ago
Namiel Miracle∞Namiacle
meowcenarie4 years ago#6543274Willing to buy the head, please PM me if wts!!
Do you still want to buy it?
4 years ago
Willing to buy the head, please PM me if wts!!
4 years ago
i've sort of wanted a custom dollfie/BJD for years; i want one so bad now TT__TT

browsing thru custom parts and adding up the cost, might sell some stuff soon...

This one looks super cute, plus she's shorter like me! And probably has slightly more clothes-fitting options.
4 years ago
Namiel Miracle∞Namiacle
Received her a few days ago. She is a real cutie. Pics dont do her justice!
5 years ago
Namiel Miracle∞Namiacle
Mandarake 40k ekizo.mandarake... doll unopened/box little damage sold..
6 years ago
I've received it today after 5 workdays of waiting.

I was quite happy that she is at Stock again at the Volks Website.

If I bought it from Ebay I think I've spend 200 euros more because the prize they asked was 668 dollars Free shipping but the Custom Fee could be a risk. So I decided to buy it from Volks with 44,100 YEN with shipment cost and custom fee in total I've spend 455 euros on Mayu.

Still quite happy with the prize in total :D
6 years ago
I am selling her for $490 (not including shipping), the complete doll with the original face-up, eyes, wig, and slip. She's like new, with no stains except for two thin marks the back of her left leg that were there when I first bought her. PM me for details!

7 years ago
I sell her head for 170$ shipping included. She is come With original eyes and a pair of twin snow eyes and With the limited wig of natsuki. Pm me for the details. The head is as new With out Stain or default.
7 years ago
Volks USA will be getting her in on January 12th
7 years ago
Welcome to Entertainment Hobby Shop JUNGLE!


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