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Import from Japan
Chobits - Chii (Kaiyodo)
Scale & Dimensions
H=76mm (2.96in)
Release dates
2005 As Limited + Exclusive
10/2002 As Limited + Exclusive
Japanese38,584 hits • 61 comments36 likes



Japanese/English/German Chobits Vol. 7 (Vol. 8 for the English version) Limited Edition Manga. English version was a Borders exclusive and included a collector's box.


Selling NIB $55, comes with the Japanese volume (price negotiable)
14 days ago
found one on mandarake, pls someone take her home before I do (trying to cut down on impulse buys sobbb)
27 days ago
yay! won her for 2000¥ on japan yahoo auctions (*˘︶˘*).。*♡
2 months ago
bisketann Me-Tan’s #1 Fan
got for $10!!
3 months ago
Anyone selling? ;w;
3 months ago
cant tell if the one i got is a bootleg or not, but meh, she's cute anyways.
5 months ago
9 months ago
I have one of these, willing to sell! great quality, hair is not green.
1 year ago
goddessxaqua Queen's Watchdog's Wife
i finally got her off of mandarake and man her hair has so much green in it... lol
1 year ago
heekyunggx31 year ago#69566356anyone selling?

buyee.jp/item/y... this person is selling, I would recommend using a different proxy site and not buyee since buyee fees are so high.
1 year ago