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Fireball - Gedächtnis - 1/12 - Paper Craft Kit (Good Smile Company)Fireball - Gedächtnis - 1/12 - Paper Craft Kit (Good Smile Company)

Fireball - Gedächtnis - 1/12 - Paper Craft Kit (Good Smile Company)
Scale & Dimensions
1/12  H=300mm (11.7in, 1:1=3.6m)
Release date
08/2009 As Standard
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Instructions NOT INCLUDED >:( the webpage is no longer available.

I've uploaded them here: www.mediafire.c...
Thanks to CAMUS_EX for having provided.
3 years ago
They charge 8% on the sum total, not the weight like Tensho. You just simply give them the link and they will order her for you.
8 years ago
jiejie on ice
Maybe the owners just haven't finished building it yet? ^_^;
I wish I knew how to get this, though...
8 years ago
no owners post their shot of Gedächtnis being made ? kinda curious of it (yes i can see in the pic, but i rather like seeing it as in taking-it-in-daily-pic kind of stuff~
8 years ago
Zetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do I? XD)
DVD Box Set inclusion. Parts detailed in this site:

It looks more like those thin layer of plastic model kits which can be punched out of the tabs since it's die-cut.
9 years ago
Personally this doesn't look like a papercraft at all.
I know you can pull off a ton of details with those things, but the surface of this just doesn't ring a 'paper/card stock/etc' bell in my head.

If this really isn't the one that apparently comes with the DVD release I'll be so happy. Not like I could afford it on the spot but man he looks great.
9 years ago
takarayama Enjoyer of Life.™
I cannot believe that this is a papercraft kit. The picture above even says, "プラスチックキット" (plastic kit). I do, however, wonder where it can be bought. o_o
9 years ago
Moorina Professional Loli Captor
I believe this is the papercraft kit that's included with the normal release of the Fireball DVD. That DVD also includes a pvc kit for the monkey robot (forgot name). The limited version of the DVD includes Figma Drossel Gizmo ver. That's some marketing, I tell you! *wants both* Dx

here is the translated Amazon JP page, if you scroll down to product descriptions, you can see it says "Gedachtnis paper" and the monkey model.

9 years ago
Zetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do I? XD)
There's the katakana for Kit next to his name in the first heading.

Gedatchnis Kit is really fine. Rather than nothing at all. ^^;
9 years ago
ah, thanks for explane this ^^
a kit would be really nice~
9 years ago
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