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Queen's Gate - Alice - Excellent Model - 1/8 (Alpha x Omega)
Scale & Dimensions
1/8  H=145mm (5.66in, 1:1=1.16m)
Release dates
12/21/2012 As Limited + Exclusive
11/25/2012 As Limited + Exclusive
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MegaHobby EXPO 2012 Autumn and Megatrea Shop exclusive.


Selling mine for USD 70
Its open box
PM for shipping cost within US
2 years ago
Person, designing this figure should have been thrown off a cliff. Or at least sterilized in order to prevent stupidity from spreading the world.

They could have made weapon composite to allow plugging it on without preaking

They could have made fingers detachable to allow weapon be plugged without breaking figure.

They could have made head or legs detachable, thay could design coursete completely splittable (not only one side of it). It order to give a chance of putting it on/off without breaking figure.

But they didn't. Figure is fine but such items should be boycotted in order to force manufacturers to think before releasing them. Otherwice we'll get more broken items in collections just because someone isn't able to think with his head.
There are so many professions requiering minimal brain activity. Why did person responsible for adaptation of the prototype to manufacturing became engeneer?
2 years ago
Selling New in Box, Never opened. Comes with the poster thing as seen on official first picture.
2 years ago
Selling new. Please check my listing :)
3 years ago
Available on DoujinRepublic (Free Shipping from Japan).
3 years ago
I have her and would like to sell her, but she has some condition issues:

-missing the poster
-missing one of the two things that go on her back
-her corset is very difficult to close, and often pops open again
-I can't quite tell for sure since I have never tried to remove the corset, but I think I see some pigment transfer on her torso from the corset

As such, I do not expect to get back what I paid at all. I will sell her for $45 including US shipping.

I am willing to ship international but beware, international shipping for a package of this size from the US is stupid high right now, last time I shipped something around this size/weight it was $44 to UK x_x so not sure if it's really worth it for you.
3 years ago
Will buy the poster if anyone is willing to sell it.
4 years ago
I'm selling her for €100, excluding shipping from the Netherlands. Please PM for more information.
4 years ago
Selling mine on ebay. Free shipping US


Nevermind decided to keep
4 years ago
Selling New in Box, Never opened. Comes with the picture thing as seen on official first picture.
$130 USD Shipping included in United States.
4 years ago