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Dragon Ball Z - Son Goku - Figure Colosseum - SCultures - Zoukei Tenkaichi Budoukai 3 (Banpresto)Dragon Ball Z - Son Goku - Figure Colosseum - SCultures - Zoukei Tenkaichi Budoukai 3 (Banpresto)

Dragon Ball Z - Son Goku - Figure Colosseum - SCultures - Zoukei Tenkaichi Budoukai 3 (Banpresto)
Scale & Dimensions
H=180mm (7.02in)
Release date
09/18/2013 As Prize
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Entry for a competition; bfc.bpnavi.jp/z...


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nikkoda HiME
5 months ago
I bought mine today at an imports store. He's so beautiful! I've had my eye on him since he came out, and he's my first PVC figure. Apparently he's a prize, but mine came out so nicely made I could barely even tell!!

Anyway, this figure really captures my own personal image of Goku. He's not overly beefy (like he is later in DBZ and in the newer movies) and his face looks gentle, sweet, and innocent. I love Goku no matter what, but how he looks late DB/early DBZ is my favorite. Plus, I love the outfit and pose so much. If you're a Goku fan, I highly recommend picking this up!
3 years ago
Mandarake 2,500Y ekizo.mandarake...
3 years ago
Anyone know where I can find him
4 years ago
Where i can get him?
5 years ago
Got this today. This looks absolutely beautiful, has the potential of Megahouse's quality for its very affordable cost.
5 years ago
I just received my package today! This Goku is too amazing. Other than the obvious 'prize' paint flaws (my backpack is painted pretty badly compared to other users', one jacket button was really over-painted, etc. but nothing not fixable), the color is scheme is so nice and well coordinated. The accessories would match anywhere you put them. Every detail about the sculpture is also so beautifully rendered.

I also loved how they bubble-wrapped his head (ball of bubble-wrap lol). Banpresto packaged the figure really well for a prize item. Thank you maggie for the links, thank you Banpresto! He is definitely one of my favorites!
5 years ago
I got my package! WOW, Goku is awesome!! There's pictures of him from all angles on the box, obviously showing off. I don't think I've ever gotten a prize figure with so many accessory parts. The detail is fantastic, the backpack blew me away. Under $14? Are you kidding me!? This figure is begging me to climb a mountain just to do a photoshoot with him at the top.

It's prize figure quality, though, that's the only down side. His right arm is really red/tan comparatively and the paint is all around not the best. Also I'm not a fan of the completely white base, the words should at least be painted or something.

I wasn't sure how the accessories are supposed to go... holding hat, goggles? Goggles on wrist? Hat hanging on his pack? I looked at pictures for reference and they're all different! I find that really amazing. Not only does the hat fit 1000% perfectly in his hand, when it's not there it doesn't look like anything is missing. I guess I can feel free to mess around and see what way I like best :-)

If you were/are on the fence... buy him NOW.
5 years ago
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