Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon - Tohru - F:Nex - 1/4 - Nihon Ningyou (FuRyu, Yoshitoku)Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon - Tohru - F:Nex - 1/4 - Nihon Ningyou (FuRyu, Yoshitoku)¥ Buy¥ Buy

Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon - Tohru - F:Nex - 1/4 - Nihon Ningyou (FuRyu, Yoshitoku)
Scale & Dimensions
1/4  H=425mm (16.58in, 1:1=1.7m)
Release date
06/2022 As Limited + Exclusive
Japanese5,680 hits • 67 comments21 likes



Orders via F:Nex can be placed between the 19th September 2021 from 10:00JST until the 1st December 2021 at 23:59JST.


Available for pre-order @ Nin-Nin-Game (¥173,090)
=> Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon - Tohru - Nihon Ningyo Limited Edition [F:Nex / Yoshitoku]
~1387.14 € / ~$1563
└ +5% Points on all Orders!
└ Worldwide Express Shipping! ✈
If y’all want the cheapest place to buy her from Sugo Toys from Australia has her for around $1250 and shipping to the states in FL with express ems is around $150 (with extra Insurance). She comes out to around how much amiami wants for her without any shipping costs!
8 days ago
Available for pre-order @ Akiba Soul
Shipping is $5.99 (within the US)!

Pre-order this waifu and give her a laifu!
Good Civilization => www.akibasoul.c...
Her outfit is beautiful but I really don’t like how they did the face :( no tail either
1 month ago
Available for pre-order @ Lunar Toy Store
$5 Flat Rate Shipping in Continental U.S.
Hassle free pre-order cancellation before release month
1 month ago
Rekka2 months ago#101740471SMH
I hope they make a pvc version of kimono Tohru like the Kanna.
It will be so nice, don't like this one, colossal price, but looks simply like brite piece of fabric with plastic head, which don't really looks great at all.
1 month ago
so i checked now all stores..the cheapest store is still a china proxy with tabao..f:nex side want like 1300€ and china proxy(with fees and all i checked it with a other in stock item) want 1100€. so yea i think i will buy her next month
1 month ago

I hope they make a pvc version of kimono Tohru like the Kanna.
2 months ago
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
Carl_Vandal2 months ago#101577550Thank you for answering! :)

I wish we still had top comments since then I'm sure someone's even better and more thorough explanation would stay at the top of the page, aaha
2 months ago
Jenthehen2 months ago#101568128It's b/c Yoshitoku makes fancy, high-end dolls for adult collectors. It's brand recognition and prestige (like Gucci or Prada). This company is partnering with Furyu and is making the kimono. It's meant to look like this type of doll that people (non-otaku) display in their homes sometimes - kind of a dork / non-dork crossover, lol.

Thank you for answering! :)
2 months ago
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