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Wonder Egg Priority - Ooto Ai (Taito)
Release date
03/2022 As Prize
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1 day ago
so cute! i'll get her to forget about that dreaded 13th episode :)
1 day ago
Lidz4 days ago#101414184Do we think they'll make a scale of Ai?
Maybe they're making a prize fig first to see how well it sells before deciding on a scale? I don't really know how these processes go, but that would be my guess.
4 days ago
Do we think they'll make a scale of Ai?
4 days ago
my heart just stopped for a moment- sobs i AM definitely getting this one (๑و•̀Δ•́)و✧
4 days ago
his arm seems a bit short thought, but I am happy we are finally looking a figure of her.
That means we are probably going to see more in the future.
5 days ago
I think I will wait until wonfes because good smile company although he make us wait a lot of time for some really cool and wanted figures, he usually don't fail us.
But I am still disappointed about how gsc is treating some fandoms such as SNK or Noragami (and a laaaarge etc)
5 days ago
5 days ago
*grabs wallet*
6 days ago
Now available to pre-order @ Dekai Anime: bit.ly/3Esi5iz

Worldwide shipping available!
6 days ago