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I think this might be the balance between price, quality, and overall presentability that I have been looking for in a Touhou figure for the past couple of years. It'd be nice to be able to collect several Touhou characters in PUP form if this idea picks up. Looking forward to seeing the color prototypes hopefully in the not too distant future.
1 month ago
Fun drinking game: take a shot every time a figure company makes Marisa or Reimu
1 month ago
Ahhhh i rly rly rly hope this means that many other characters(especially new ones) get figs aswell

Or at least if they could start a whole ass line just for touhou characters(kinda how orange rouge exists for male characters,but touhou to not oversaturate the PUP market with th characters)

Im fairly sure my absolutely precious and fav Yuyuko will get smth,but at the same time other characters deserve it aswell,you know qvq)~•°♡
1 month ago
Oh wow, I hope more come.

I know that PUP are slightly smaller Scale than 1/8 figures. Hence when GSC continues this line they should look nice next to the Griffon 1/8 scale figures.

For more PUP after you have done all the likely candidates GSC, could you do Orin please?
1 month ago
I made request for Touhou Pop Up Parades on the GSC site not too long ago.
I also specified popular characters who didn't get figure treatment still. (my example was Shion Yorigami)

I understand making the MCs first but I can only see another batch of EoSD and PCB figures incoming how boring lol
1 month ago
1 month ago
This will be a nice Reimu figure. Let's hope the other playable girls like Aya, Sanae, Youmu or Sakuya will get PUP.
1 month ago
Oh, have I been waiting for this for some time. As others have said... please let this be the start of something really cool!
1 month ago
And so it begins.

I just hope they remember there are characters other than reimu and marisa.
Please make figures of touhou characters that don't have a figure yet
1 month ago
pumpkincandys ♡ cute girl enthusiast ♡
1 month ago
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